The Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is pleased to announce $500 stipends for implementation of the Combating Food Insecurity Curriculum ( in middle school classrooms (6th – 8th grade). Teachers who are award winners can use the $500 stipends for materials, supplies, field trips, and student projects. The application deadline is Oct. 31, 2016, and […]

10 Reasons Teachers Deserve to be Celebrated

Teachers, often times, do not get the recognition they deserve. We tend to think that someone else has probably thanked them or let them know of the difference they’re making, but sadly for many teachers, they receive very little recognition or appreciation. We hope to change that by offering 10 Reasons to celebrate teachers every […]

5 Podcasts for Teachers who Love to Learn

Teachers run a rough schedule. From rising early to long hours in the classroom, and we all know it doesn’t end when the bell rings. When in heaven’s name do teachers find time to learn? And isn’t a love for learning what fueled your passion to teach in the first place? Here are 5 of […]

3 Things District Administrators Will love About Curriculum Crafter

Administrator Access District administrators have the ability to view individual teacher plans and curriculum and can therefore offer individual feedback, resource recommendations, and support as needed. Administrators are able to actively measure and monitor standard alignment, accountability, and implementation of expectations and standards. This feedback to allows them to more effectively manage their school or […]

Conversations with Crafters

Kim Norton Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator   Which aspects of the Curriculum Crafter platform do you use most? Our use of Curriculum Crafter in the past has been primarily to document the required curriculum for each grade/content area. We have just received Curriculum Crafter 2.0 and are very excited about the improved opportunities it provides. […]

Valuable Feedback in the Classroom

In the TED Talks Education video, “Teachers Need Real Feedback,” Bill Gates discusses the need for valuable feedback in the classroom and provides a solution to address this challenge. Gates begins his talk identifying a lack of valuable feedback available for teacher’s today. “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we […]

4 Things Teachers Will Love About Curriculum Crafter

The abundance of aligned resources With over 1,000 lessons and counting, Curriculum Crafter content library provides teachers an abundance of aligned resources for their use. This doesn’t even include all the resources available to teachers from within their district.   The ability to add plans so quickly and easily We’re all about saving time. That’s […]

3 Ways Curriculum Crafter Saves Teachers Time

Our mission is to improve teachers lives through the use of our planning platform. One of the  primary ways seek to do this is to help save teachers time in the planning process. We want to support teachers in this process so that they can get back to teaching and investing in their students. Here is a list of […]

Conversations with Crafters

Gary Koppelman 5th Grade Teacher/ Elementary Science Curriculum Chair   What is one of your favorite things about being a teacher? The sparkle in the eye of the student when they grasp a concept!   How has Curriculum Crafter influenced your planning process? Alignment of content expectations for my grade level, releasing me to my […]