CONnecting Educators, Improving Lives

Our goal from the very beginning was to improve the lives of our fellow educators. As teachers ourselves, we are personally aware of the challenges of creating engaging curriculum that aligns with state and Common Core standards. This experience allows us to identify with other teachers in a unique way. It is from this place of empathy that we created the Curriculum Crafter® planning platform, thoughtfully designed by teachers for teachers. Because no teacher should have to plan alone.




A Unique Approach

So, we got to work. Our vision for the platform was one that would be simple and intuitive, yet comprehensive in function. Many years later, our platform is operational and has more than lived up to our original ambitions.  Curriculum Crafter is the only Educational Resource Planning Platform that offers creating, aligning, and mapping content all in one place.




A Real Difference

Our integrated process has virtually eliminated the need for teachers to spend long hours planning and developing curriculum. We think that’s pretty exciting and it’s the reason we are so passionate about our work. When we hear the stories of the difference our platform has made in the lives of one our fellow educators it both motivates our team and challenges us continue to bring nothing short of the best planning platform to educators everywhere.