5 Podcasts for Teachers who Love to Learn

Teachers run a rough schedule. From rising early to long hours in the classroom, and we all know it doesn’t end when the bell rings. When in heaven’s name do teachers find time to learn? And isn’t a love for learning what fueled your passion to teach in the first place? Here are 5 of the best podcasts for teachers who want to expand their knowledge and effectiveness in the classroom and beyond.



Education: NPR-

A closer look at all things education through the eyes and commentary of NPR reporters. Whether you are interested in K12, universities or the latest trends in education, you will find news on these subjects and much more by subscribing to NPR’s Education channel.


Education Bookcast-

Interested in learning more about the vast topic of education? Education Bookcast is a Podcast committed to exploring education-based books and articles once a week. Topics include psychology, philosophy, history, teaching methods, the economics of education and much more.


Talks with Teachers-

This podcast created by Jessica and Brain Sztabnik is dedicated to helping teachers excel at what they do best. Listen to some of the brightest thought leaders in education. Be inspired as you hear about their successes, failures and innovations in the classroom.



A podcast for the technologically savvy and technologically challenged alike! This podcast delves into the world of technology and reviews the latest tech advances in education. From kindergarten to college, we are sure you will benefit from the many educational based tech topics discussed in this podcast.


Ask Simple K12-

Got Questions? Ask Simple K12 has answers! An advisor panel of real teachers answers a broad range of questions, with special a focus on educational technology and personal teacher development. If your question is selected to be played back in one of their upcoming podcasts, they will send you a pair of SimpleK12 bunny slippers for you to wear as you relax and learn!