3 Things District Administrators Will love About Curriculum Crafter

Administrator Access

District administrators have the ability to view individual teacher plans and curriculum and can therefore offer individual feedback, resource recommendations, and support as needed. Administrators are able to actively measure and monitor standard alignment, accountability, and implementation of expectations and standards. This feedback to allows them to more effectively manage their school or district and make decisions based on relevant trends, reporting, and up-to-date data.

Map View

With Map View, Administrators have the resources to focus on the big picture. Map View allows administrators to view the school year in a clean and intuitive format. This offers them the opportunity to guide teachers in their macro planning process. In addition, Map View can be printed for meeting and planning sessions with teachers. Having the entire school year mapped out and organized makes the feedback and planning process both efficient and strategic. Furthermore, administrators are able to track where teachers our in the curriculum according to their map allowing them greater and more specific participation as the year progresses.

Templates and Pacing Guides

Curriculum Crafter provides administrators the option to curate resources that they have found to be most effective. These selected resources can serve as a guide for teachers in best practice or can be added directly to the teacher’s curriculum. This functionality makes it easy for teachers to find an effective solution to their identified areas of growth. If a teacher’s weakness is more broadly focused on pace and the planning process, then the district administration can create finished example plans as pacing guides for their teachers.