Conversations with Crafters

Kim Norton

Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator


Which aspects of the Curriculum Crafter platform do you use most?

Our use of Curriculum Crafter in the past has been primarily to document the required curriculum for each grade/content area. We have just received Curriculum Crafter 2.0 and are very excited about the improved opportunities it provides. I see us depending on Curriculum Crafter more and more in the months and years ahead.

How has Curriculum Crafter influenced your planning process?

It has helped teachers with a point of reference in teaching various standards, and the curriculum resources that are pre-loaded are SO helpful!

What suggestions would you give to new users of Curriculum Crafter?

Have someone train you and not necessarily someone from within your district. Then, have Building Administrators set up a calendar for regular updates and required activities to ensure staff are actually using the program.

Any Additional Comments?

We haven’t started using the 2.0 version yet. I am very hopeful that the new pieces of it, that we struggled with using in the past, will be more accurate and more user-friendly. From the description of the new version, I’m sure it will be!