4 Things Teachers Will Love About Curriculum Crafter

The abundance of aligned resources

With over 1,000 lessons and counting, Curriculum Crafter content library provides teachers an abundance of aligned resources for their use. This doesn’t even include all the resources available to teachers from within their district.


The ability to add plans so quickly and easily

We’re all about saving time. That’s why we make the process of adding plans to active projects incredibly easy and efficient. Teachers simply identify the plans that they would like to use and add them at the click of button. Simple. Save your problem-solving for the classroom.


The opportunity for teacher collaboration

No teacher should have to plan alone. We say this a lot around here, but it’s because it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about. We love it when teachers have the to connect and collaborate with their peers. We don’t think this happens often enough. So, we were very intentional in providing opportunities for collaboration within our platform. Curriculum Crafter gives teachers the option to collaborate in workgroups, share content with their peers, and even access resources from other teachers within their district. No more planning alone.


The ability to track standards

Curriculum Crafter allows teachers to assign standards, including Common Core and district-specific standards, to their plans. Our platform provides a simple approach to what is often a time-consuming task. As a result, teachers are no longer left wondering where they stand with respect to standards.