3 Ways Curriculum Crafter Saves Teachers Time

Our mission is to improve teachers lives through the use of our planning platform. One of the  primary ways seek to do this is to help save teachers time in the planning process. We want to support teachers in this process so that they can get back to teaching and investing in their students. Here is a list of three ways Curriculum Crafter saves teachers time.



1. Collaboration


Our new workgroup feature gives teachers the option to work on lessons, plans, and maps as a group. This allows teachers to share and refine their ideas and offers an avenue for valuable peer feedback. As a result, teachers are able to save time by utilizing resources that their peers have found to be effective. Implementing best practices the first time around saves teachers time.





Our platform allows you to plan in one place. Going back and forth between different planning tools wastes time. The seamless integration of creating, planning, and mapping in one tool allows for increased organization in the planning process and saves teachers valuable time. Not to mention, everything is stored on the cloud so teachers don’t need to be at school in order to access their resources.





One of our company mottos is that “no teacher should have to plan alone.” Many teachers spend countless hours creating and finding effective content for their classrooms. We believe that with increased access to shared resources we could help reduce this time. Accordingly, we built our platform to include aligned, research-based, and ready to use lessons towards this end. In fact, we have already made over 1,000 lessons available to teachers, and this number will only continue to grow. In addition, teachers can access resources from other teachers  within their district, and share their own content to help out their peers. Because at the end of the day sharing saves time.